The Gift of Reading

Now that Labor Day has passed, school has settled into a steady rhythm.  Every morning there are a steady stream of buses that pass my home and that pattern is repeated in the afternoon. Yes. School is definitely in full swing.

Having a grandson that is beginning the fifth grade, I am reminded of how important reading was when I was growing up.  It seems to be a skill that is quickly losing ground in our television, YouTube and MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) society.

I loved reading!  I still do! But I now find that I do more skimming than deep reading. In our fast-paced society, skimming is becoming more and more prevalent. That’s really a shame, because there are so many skills that deep reading develops within us.

As a little girl, before I even began school, I would read my father’s copy of Readers Digest. It actually helped me develop my reading comprehension and expanded my creativity.  In my imagination, I became part of the many stories that I read. That skill developed when I started school and grew exponentially.  Role-playing was in the imagination, not on the screen in a video game.

My hope for my grandson, and other children, is that they turn off the television…turn off the video games…turn off the YouTube…and immerse themselves in a book!

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