New Year Resolution Fails

Wow!  I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but I totally lost an entire month!  It’s been over a month since I last posted a blog, and in the whirlwind of the holidays, I completely lost December.

I hope that you all had a very joyous and memorable Christmas and that this new year will be everything that you want it to be.

Speaking of hopes, I’m not exactly sure how the tradition of making new year resolutions started.  I know that for as long as I can remember, I’ve been making new year resolutions.  And breaking new year resolutions.

New Year Resolutions list

In spite of the fact that I never keep my resolutions, I continue to do it year after year.  This year has been no different.  In fact, I made three resolutions: spend more time doing the things I like to do, get more organized, and not let work absolutely consume me.

The resolution I really should have made is not to make anymore new year resolutions!

So we’re already nine days into the new year and I’ve worked until at least 11:00 PM every night.  I’m pretty sure that that’s a resolution that I’m not going to be able to keep.  My husband and I have a brick and mortar business doing home maintenance, and in my “spare” time, I have been working on this online store, as well as working on an invention.  So I guess I can toss the resolution to not become consumed with work.

I really do need to get more organized.  If anybody were to look at my desk, they’d probably think a bomb went off!  What I really need to do is go through everything that has collected on my desk and throw away what isn’t absolutely necessary or has been sitting there for more than 6 months.  

messy desk

I have a tendency to make notes to myself that are important in the moment, but a week later I don’t have the foggiest clue what the scribbled note even means.  Or, I’ll save something on my desk as a reminder for me to deal with that once I get a moment, and then it just piles up because the moment never comes.  Maybe some of you can relate to this maddening dilemma and give me your tips on how you manage to stay organized.

woman daydreaming on a beach

That brings me to spending more time doing the things that I like to do.  If I really analyze this, if I were to get rid of all the work so that I’m not consumed, that would take care of the chaos on my desk.  That would leave me plenty of time to do the things that I really want to do!  Now there’s a resolution!  But it’s not very grounded in reality, is it?  Enough with the daydreaming! Sigh.

So that really brings me full circle back to what I really should do, and that is to resolve not to make anymore new year resolutions!

Hopefully you will find my post to have a little bit of relatable humor and that it puts a smile on your face.  My sincere hope is that whatever you resolve to do this year, it will be a resounding success!

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