Minor Freak Out Moment

Well it's the first day of October, and in typical fashion, I went through my mental exercise of what occasions are on the horizon for this month. True. It would be much more efficient if I had all of these things logged on my calendar, but that simply would not be me. I'm a bit of a #hotmess when it comes to documenting birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions on the calendar.

My Outlook calendar tends to be filled with appointments and reminders about paying sales taxes, quarterly taxes, and business filings. Pretty boring, I know. What isn't boring is that I am in the middle of a minor freak-out moment. October snuck up and blind-sided me!

As I went through my mental filing cabinet, I realized that I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed with various projects and this is the most packed month for special events.

  • Oldest step-son's birthday...I'll call "not it" on that one and remind my husband.
  • Husband's ex-wife's birthday...schedule a text from me and remind hubby to give her a call on her birthday.
  • Wedding anniversary of my ex-marriage...I can summarily dismiss this one. Please don't judge! I was married to the man for 27 years and that date is forever etched in my mind. It's not like I can have my memory wiped! Next!
  • My sister's birthday...uh...uh...gift anxiety here...she lives out of state...maybe a bouquet of flowers and schedule a reminder text to myself to call her. Done! Next!
  • My ex-husband's birthday...schedule a text for his birthday and reminder texts to my daughters to text their father. Next!
  • My current sister-in-law's birthday...crap! She lives locally and there's no way I'm side-stepping this one. If I leave it to my husband, he'll put money in a card and call it a day! If anyone has read my post on The Ritual of Buying and Giving Gifts, you'll know why, and that just won't do. Maybe I'll make blue frosted cupcakes topped with 3D chocolate swans. But, do I have the time? Screw it! I'll make the time. Next, what do I get for her? Maybe the teacup peacock planter since she loves birds and plants.
  • Halloween...we're empty-nesters so I get a free pass on this one! Yay!!

Whew!!  I think I've got everything covered and I didn't have to take a Xanax. Thank God not every month is as filled as October!  I just pray that He give me the strength to handle Thanksgiving, which is closer than you think.


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