In The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

In The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

As I write safely from my home that is intact here in the Carolinas, four hours west of the coastline, I am grieved that so many have lost so much in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Thank God that it wasn't as catastrophic as originally predicted because there surely would have been greater devastation.

In the days preceding the hurricane's landfall, there was much speculation regarding intensity, degree of devastation, necessary preparations, and whether or not to evacuate. Having a brother that lives along the coast of South Carolina, I was certainly fearful for his safety and whether he would evacuate.

Thankfully he did and I was pleased to hear that the greatest trauma he had to endure was being penned up with a relative who had 5 cats and several rambunctious dogs. Needless to say, he is anxious to go back home tomorrow.

In the coming days, the rains will ebb away and the process of restoring normality will commence. And as the days turn into weeks, the painful loss that some have suffered will become easier to bear. Our prayers are with all who have suffered and truly hope that they will soon recover and be able to put this behind them.

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