Changing Seasons

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I know that fall was officially here on September 22nd, but where I live in the Carolinas, the climate doesn't match the calendar.  In fact, that official date came and went without fanfare or even a shift in the cadence of life. 

Each day since passed much as the day before, while I still went around in short sleeve t-shirts and shorts. Like most true born and bred southerners, since it was warm and when I was at home, I went around without shoes. Yep! In just my bare feet!  I didn't bust out the fall lightweight jackets or swap my summer wardrobe for a cold weather one...yet.

This morning, as I swung my legs out of bed and my feet hit the hardwood floor, the chill in the air shot up through the soles of my feet and said a very resounding, "Good morning! It's a nice, brisk autumn day!"  Woah!  What the heck happened to my beloved warm weather?

My morning, ritualistic cup of coffee performed double duty today. It provided that much-needed shot of caffeine -and- it helped diminish the chill.  It's always awesome when I get a twofer! I pulled aside the kitchen curtain, peering out at the bright sunlight that painted a picture of warmth that certainly didn't exist in the house. Lies!

woman chasing chill of changing seasons by warming hands on coffee cup

Since I was now abruptly brought into the reality of the changing season, I shuffled into my office to check the weather. Surely that can't be right! I double-checked my computer screen to make sure that I had entered the correct zip code for my locale. In disbelief, I even refreshed my screen a couple of times as if it would magically change the forecast. 

I was disheartened to find the overnight lows were projected to decrease throughout the week, dipping into the 40-degree range. Just the thought of it made me shiver! Even the daytime highs at the end of the week weren't what I would classify as warm. No, to a southerner, the low end of the 60-degree range isn't warm.

I'm a native Carolinian, so my intolerance to cold was conditioned into me long ago. I've periodically lived in the cold tundras of Michigan and Illinois, but I was born a southerner, I was raised a southerner, and by golly, I'll die a southerner too! 

Even as late as the 8th grade, I have some unforgettable memories of wearing spring dresses as early as the beginning of March and sometimes in late February. I fondly remember my best friends and I dancing and skipping through the raked up leaves and pine needles, while wearing shorts under our Halloween costumes.

dog trouncing through piles of snow

Now I know that some of my readers are probably unsympathetic since they live in northern climates and have probably already had a couple of frosty nights - or dare I say that four-letter word - snow.

So I apologize if my whining seems trivial. Why yes, I would like a little cheese with my whine. Us southerners are rather spoiled by our short autumn and winter seasons....and unapologetically so!

To end on a positive note, the changing of the season does bring one warm and comforting thought. It ushers in a season of hot chocolate, warm soups, and lots and lots of baking. And then, one of my favorite holidays will soon arrive...Thanksgiving! 

hot chocolate to chase the chill


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